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The perfect combo that cannot be missing in any roast meat.

La Borracha: Surprise your guests with this authentic home-style drunk sauce. Do you like Mexican sauces? Well this is everyone's favourite! Special to accompany your dishes on the grill: roast meats, veal, kid, chicken and pork. 

La Molcajete: Experience the exquisite irresistible flavor of red tomato and serrano chili roasted to perfection, together with the incomparable texture that can only be achieved in a molcajete, with this iconic homemade sauce of traditional Mexican cuisine.

La Morita: Delight yourself with the unique smoky and spicy flavor of this exquisite morita chili sauce. In it you will find the perfect contrast between the heat of the morita peppers with the natural acidity of the tomatillos. It is perfect for snacking, and addictive for snacking with some tortilla chips.


La Guacamole: This avocado sauce is a house specialty. Dare to discover and share its irresistible flavor. Prepared with avocado, tomatillo and hints of habanero and serrano chili. It is the perfect guacamole sauce to accompany your appetizers, ideal to serve with your favorite seafood, and the one that everyone always chooses at home! You can not stop trying it. Enjoy your meal!

If you prefer practicality, you will see that when buying Chilokia sauces you will not sacrifice quality and flavor, you will surprise your family and your guests with its exquisite homemade flavor.

Presentation: 4 sauces of 360 grams each.

Grilled Meat Combo – 4 pack

Only 8 left in stock
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